BeoLab 3

Adapting to the room

The shape of BeoLab 3 is distinctive, without any sharp edges. The acoustic lens, designed in
accordance with the properties of the ellipse, contributes further to its highly differentiated look. The visual expression of BeoLab 3 changes with the many placement options, ensuring that
it always fits in with your living environment, challenging preconceptions or disappearing visually


Pure sound

For B&O, the philosophy has always been to reproduce sound as authentically as possible. To produce pure sound that is true to the original, we have to master the knowledge of sound processing from the source to the ear.

For this purpose, we have developed a two-pronged strategy deploying not only physical but also perceptual testing. The trick is to make those two things map onto one another and make perfect sense - then we've got the perfect speaker.

A contradiction in size versus sound
The two ICEpower amplifiers in each BeoLab 3 produce very little excess heat, so there is no need for the cooling space often necessary with traditional active loudspeaker construction.

A conventional speaker would have to be about ten times the size of BeoLab 3 to deliver a comparable sound. The speakers have three pre-set bass settings for placement in corners, against walls, or freestanding in a room. This is made possible through Adaptive Bass Control Technology.


    Growing the apple seed

    BeoLab 3 comes with ICEPower amplifiers, which means that all you need is an Playmaker to complete your high-performing sound system. You can stream music directly from your iPhone or iPad to two BeoLab 3 loudspeakers for the most advanced, powerful and compact sound system ever. Simplify the way you enjoy your music with BeoLab 3.

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