Beolab 5 - state-of-the-art loud speaker delivering radical performance

By Bang & Olufsen Toronto

* - available in store only
Each BeoLab 5 clocks in at an amazing 2500 watts of digital amplification.
As one of our top-performing loudspeakers with a radical expression and performance level, BeoLab 5 utilizes radical technological innovations to provide a fantastic acoustic performance.
The distinctively pure sound is made possible by use of Acoustic Lens Technology and Adaptive Bass Control providing a listening experience independent of room
acoustics and your listening position.
Acoustic Lens Technology (ALT) - The benefit of ALT is a 180-degree horizontal dispersion of the upper frequencies, leading to uniform sound characteristics in the area in front of the loudspeaker allowing you to place yourself more freely and still get an optimal experience.
Adaptive Bass Control (ABC) - Adaptive Bass Control reads the acoustic characteristics of the room, and digitally calibrate BeoLab 5 to match its performance against its
placement in the room. This ensures a listening experience independent of room and listening positioning.
Thermal protection - The temperature of all driver units is constantly monitored to keep the speaker at top performance all the time.
Line sense - Auto on/off – for connecting non-Bang & Olufsen equipment.
• 2 x Power Link
• 1 x RCA
• 2 x SPDIF (PCM 32/44.1/48/88.2kHz)
• 1 x RS232 for cabled volume synchronisation
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