Beovision 11-40

By Bang & Olufsen Toronto

The BeoVision 11 is an incarnation of the BeoVision 5 design theme, finally done in the style originally conceived - a TV which emulates a picture in all dimensions - even thickness. The set is a mere 7 cm thick.

A 200Hz panel with edge type LED lighting offers superb clarity, with the advantages of VisionClear added to the mix.

The Beovision 11 - 40" was the first model in the range of sets designed primarily for wall mounting. To this end, the sets are very slim with a frame design to accentuate the slimness and lightness of the television.

Sound is provided for by the provision of a 5-way speaker system with twin channels having tweeters and midrange units and a shared bass unit. Special attention has been given to the sound with a tuned bass port provided in such a way that the depth of the television is maintained but that bass performance is up to Bang & Olufsen's usual standards.

The set offers Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) and a comprehensive set of connections - 2 or 3 HDMI sockets (depending on type) are present and an internal digital connection is also present for the DVB-HD module, which is standard fit on all variants.

The customer merely has to decide which stand option is required, with either a slim 4mm wall mount which allows the set to be angled 45 degrees to either the left or right. Alternatively, a floor stand which is motorized for side to side motion is available with a manual vertical tilt possible.

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