B&O Flute

By Bang & Olufsen Toronto


Inspired by Mozart's famous Opera, the new Beotime alarm clock will, according to its creator Bang & Olufsen, turn the chore of waking up in the morning into an "extraordinary experience". As well as finding all the usual functionality of a standard alarm clock onboard, the elegant flute-like tube of aluminum can help you control all of your (compatible) audio/video gadgetry and even your room lights.

Three small, square displays show the time, alarm time and which source will be used to rouse you.  Switching on or off the alarm is done by the trumpet-style button on one end, and tapping or touching the BeoTime activates the screen back lighting.  There’s also an optional wall-bracket, to which the BeoTime magnetically clips.

Picking it up, a tilt-sensor turns the BeoTime into a remote control, with the displays now switching to indicate which source is being managed.  It will function as a sleep timer, volume & channel control or lighting control, depending on what B&O kit you’ve invested in.

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