BeoCom 2

By Bang & Olufsen Toronto

Manufactured: 2002 - present
Designer: David Lewis
Colours: Aluminium, White, Yellow, Grey

The BeoCom 2 is a very different looking cordless phone. As you can see the BeoCom 2 takes on a very unusual shape. It’s long, thin, and curved which, phallic humor aside, is a rather peculiar shape for a telephone. But hey, this is B&O and this is called art!

The BeoCom 2 is surprisingly light and holding the phone from the base feels very comfortable. It takes some time to get used to holding a phone with this unusual shape but once you get used to it, its perfectly normal.

Using the phone is a breeze. Placing/receiving calls are easily done by pushing on the big button at the bottom. The only thing unusual is the placement of the buttons so getting used to dialing numbers from two columns of buttons versus the usual three-column layout of regular phones takes a little getting used to.

You get about 20 hours of talk time per charge, which is more than enough for any of you that likes to talk for hours on the phone. The manual says it takes about 5 hours to fully charge the battery and the stand-by time per charge is said to be approximately 150 hours. The charger is also “smart” meaning that it just doesn’t continue to charge the phone indefinitely when placed on the charger. It only charges the battery if necessary. If the batteries are getting low, you get the words ‘Information’ on the screen, upon which when you scroll down, you will get the words ‘Battery need recharging’.

Reception and voice quality is excellent. The BeoCom 2 is based on the DECT digital cordless phone standard. The range of the phone is said to be about 50 meters indoors. It works very well in every room in my house so that’s all that matters to me. The ringing tone on the phone is a very unusual bell-like sound. It doesn’t have the normal dull ring of other cordless phones or even the regular ring of the BeoCom 6000. Instead, this is a high quality, speaker-like sound that is projected from the phone. Very neat.





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