BeoCom 5

By Bang & Olufsen Toronto

BeoCom 5

With BeoCom5, we have created a cordless phone that captures every nuance of your conversation - delivering a sound so real, it’s the next best thing to being there. Based on the same acoustic competences we apply in our Bang & Olufsen loudspeakers, we designed a speaker phone that lets you truly listen.

The elegant BeoCom 5 gives you easy access to more than 400 contacts and the possibility to customize the display specifically for each person in your household.

Freedom of choice is an operative phrase for BeoCom 5. You can choose between layouts in the display, select among nine different colours and get as much as eight different handsets for one phone. Its innovative speaker phone/hands-free feature is made practical and enjoyable while still offering something quite unique for a cordless phone, namely
Bang & Olufsen audio quality.

BeoCom 5 also offers two separate phone lines, allowing you to combine a regular landline with IP telephony, or perhaps use one line for private calls and the other for work, if you have a home office.

Suddenly feel like inviting more people to the conversation? The round BeoCom 5 speaker phone in sturdy aluminium is easy to take along anywhere in the house. A lot of focus has been put on achieving natural speech reproduction that is easy to distinguish and gives the illusion of being in the room with far-away relatives or business associates – even when several people speak at once.

The speaker phone - natural speech reproduction

When aiming for the best natural speech reproduction in BeoCom 5, we applied our acoustic learnings. You will notice how every person's voice is easily distinguishable.

Personalize your phone

With BeoCom 5 you have the possibility of personalizing the telephone. Get your own full graphic colour display and special composed ring tones with BeoCom 5.

Full graphic colour display

To differentiate the individual handsets in a system, the colour of the display text and graphical elements can be selected from 9 different predefined colour themes. The colour themes are: red, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, purple, orange, light blue and white, the latter being default setting.

The individual colour theme is only revealed when the handset is activated, giving each handset a distinct visual expression and supplementing the original design in an unobtrusive way. In standby, the display will return to black, expressing both elegance and mystery, and when placed in the charger, only the dimmed clock reveals the chosen colour. This way it is possible for each family member to have their own personal handset.

Special composed ringtones

BeoCom 5 features 8 different ringtones, which have been specially composed with the intention of creating a pleasant user experience.

The benefits of having two phone lines

The two separate phone lines in BeoCom 5 gives you the option to keep private and work calls seperate or have two calls simultaneously

Did you know

The hands-free speaker phone is a circular cabinet where the top surface is a curved sheet of perforated aluminium with inspiration from the surface structure and hole design in the loudspeakers from our Automotive Sound Systems.



David Lewis

21 x 49 x 141 mm/110 g (handset)


100 hours/12 hours

4 hours

Up to 50 m (indoor)
Up to 300 m (outdoor)

400 names with numbers

Caller ID: 24 names with numbers, date and time
Unanswered calls indicator
Redial: 24 names with numbers
Microphone mute
Alarm for low battery
Audio/video volume control
Ringer settings

Full graphic

DECT and DECT 6.0

BeoLine 2

Table/Wall charger or Speaker phone including charger

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