Beosound 8

By Bang & Olufsen Toronto

Beosound 8 is a one-point stereo system with truly powerful acoustics. It’s simple and intuitive to use, it works with all devices – and we like to think it brings new life to both your digital music and your home.

We call it a modern-day party starter – and the design reflects that. It features black anodised aluminium that has been mechanically brushed to ensure long hairlines that give you a matte black finish on the shiny surface - and front speaker covers made out of black canvas.

You will perhaps notice that the cabinet is polished horizontally, while the control wheel is polished circularly, so that light is reflected differently on the stereo system – enhancing the craftsmanship and attention to detail.


Beosound 8 benefits from the active speaker technology that B&O has championed for many years. Class D amplification is used for two-way way loudspeakers and a placement switch is present which allows free standing, wall or corner settings.

The dock connection allows iPods, iPhones or iPads to be used and the provision of a line in connection allows other devices to attach.

In addition, a mini USB socket allows the customer to connect either a PC or Mac or an Airport Express to allow music to be played from their computer. A special Application written for the iPhone will be available which allows the music library to be browsed and also gives the BeoSound 8 both Alarm Clock functions and Net radio capabilities.

A wall bracket is available or the Beosound 8 can be used as a table top set.

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