Beovision 14

By Bang & Olufsen Toronto

The concept of framing both picture and sound isiconic to Bang & Olufsen’s successful TV design which we want to maintain in BeoVision 14. With BeoVision 14 an icon is reborn but with the new Android TV platform and UHD/4K LCD screen technology. This means BeoVision 14- 40 and BeoVision 14-55 will be full-fledged members of the UHD/4K TV family.
The elegant high-gloss polished aluminum frame and the large glass surface that sits flush against the screen combined with the warm oak lamella front makes BeoVision 14 a solution packed with elegant details that takes a true craftsman to accomplish.
The sound performance of, which in this integrated solution with the three-way speaker system and two bass ports below the screen, is second to none in the market. Sound performance in TVs is a hallmark of Bang & Olufsen and all the sophisticated technologies are designed so the TV is able to adapt to a wide variety of situations - watching films, listening to music or playing games - and create the best possible performance.
Add to this the possibility of extending the sound solution via the integrated 7.1 surround sound processor to a full surround sound setup with extra front and rear speakers connected either wired or wirelessly, as to be able to create the ultimate film experience technologies ensure the optimum picture performance at all times.
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$8,980.00 $8,980.00